Let Me Tell You A Story… about Jenyxon

Jenyxon lives with his mother, grandmother and two brothers in one of the poorest neighbourhoods, outside the capital city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He does not have a father figure in his home, as his father abandoned the family several years ago. Jenyxon’s mother struggles to keep a job so their only steady income is from his grandmother, who sells tortillas in the neighbourhood where they live.

Last year, Jenyxon was in Grade 6 and struggled with his classes. He began to attend our PROTEDE tutoring program provided through the ministry of Schools of Hope. In the beginning, the staff did not know what to do with Jenyxon because he was so disruptive and showed no interest in learning. However, with a lot of grace and patience the staff showed love and care for him and he began to improve in his behaviour and with his studies. Even the principal of his school and his teacher took notice. They said that they were concerned for Jenyxon because he was probably not going to graduate Grade 6 that year, because his grades were not good.

Thanks be to God, at the end of last year, Jenyxon graduated. We were all so proud of him – his principal, teacher and our SOH team! His behaviour even changed. He was a lot happier, with a smile on his face, instead of a frown all the time.

This year, Jenyxon’s family was discouraging him from pursuing high school because they did not believe that could afford to send him. This is quite normal for many families in this area, as most parents do not have more than a grade 6 education. Many do not value education, therefore it is hard to encourage children to pursue a higher level of education when they need/want help to provide for their family. Many students do not go to high school but instead find work to financially provide for their family.  Victor (our ChildCARE Plus program manager) went to talk to the family and tell them that through sponsorship, Jenyxon receives help to go to high school. He will receive the funds needed for transportation, registration, uniforms and school supplies. Victor also spoke to Jenyxon and encouraged him to continue his schooling. His family was so appreciative and grateful for the support from his sponsor. Without sponsorship, Jenyxon would not have been given this opportunity. In November 2019, he finished his first year of high school and plans to continue this school year (which starts in February).

It’s easy to want to give up on a ‘difficult child’, the one who causes problems in class or school. It’s easy to see the behaviour and miss ‘seeing’ the child. Victor, God bless him, has been an amazing father figure to Jenyxon. Our tutors have been positive role models to many children in similar situations. I love and appreciate our team so much. They truly serve with hearts like Jesus. They are world changers and I love that they are changing the lives of others – one child at a time.

You can be a world changer too by donating towards our tutoring program through the ‘Classroom sponsorship‘ with ChildCARE Plus. School starts again in February and we are excited to get this program started again.



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Least of These

‘Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me. For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.’ — Luke 9:48


For the majority of my life, I have taught children about God in church, in schools and now in the communities where we serve in Honduras. I do it because I believe that God has called me to do this and, I also believe, that this is what God wants us all to do as believers.

The ‘least of these’ is symbolic, it is not just children. Although in the culture of that day, women and children were not considered highly. The ‘least of these’ also means the poor, the oppressed, the broken, the orphan or people living on the streets. In today’s words, it may mean the person we look down upon or choose to ignore when we pass by. Or even, someone we think is less important or valued than us because they do not have what we have.

jesus-childrenChildren are often overlooked and not considered important in our adult world. The poor, orphaned, street people, the broken are often overlooked and viewed as money grabbers or nuisances. Yet in reading scripture, the Word has never changed. 2000+ years ago and still today, Jesus said we need to become like little children. We need to welcome them as if they were God himself. We are to help the poor and oppressed, the widow, the orphan.

It will look different for each of us, but we should be doing it as believers. We can make excuses and justify why we don’t, but something I’ve learned over the years is that even in my ‘poorest’ days when I gave of what I had, God blessed me more in return. The widow who gave her last dollars received a blessing, and we know about her today because Jesus saw her heart not the amount she gave. We get to read it in scripture today so I think God wanted us to learn from her example.


See article by clicking here

Recently, ERDO contacted me about an 11 year old boy, Robbie, who heard about the need for water in our schools in Honduras. He decided he wanted to do something about it and in December he raised over $3000 for our water filtration project.

One boy will now affect the lives of hundreds of children in Honduras because he decided to do something.

The least of these.


Consider what this means to you, your life and what you’re going to do different in 2020 to make a difference in the world around you and follow Jesus’ command.

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Another Year in the Books

It’s amazing how time flies by year by year as you get older. The last half of this year has flown by so fast.  I plan on enjoying this Christmas vacation to slow down and rest my mind and body. I’m also happy to be able to celebrate with my family once again this year, something I do not want to take for granted.

I realize it’s been awhile since I last posted, and for good reason, A LOT has happened since early November.
I ended up having to move out of my house, where I had barely lived for a year, due to issues with my landlord and rats. November is the end of the school year in Honduras, so there were special celebrations with students and the teachers, graduations and year end activities. A team arrived from Canada to celebrate Christmas so we held several events plus a big graduation for 7 of our high school students. Our team grew, as 2 of our team members had their first baby. We had a staff Christmas party where we celebrated birthdays and also said goodbye to Margaret Pfeiffer, who interned with us for over 6 months. Truly a mixed bags of emotions, events and celebrations.

2019-12-09 20.58.21As I look back over this year, I smile because we really did have a great year. So many wonderful things took place in our ministry and in my life. For the first time, in a very very long time, I had a roommate. It was a joy to have Margaret work with us. We have been friends for many years, so it was a fun to share my life and experiences with her. It wasn’t easy for me in the beginning, if I’m honest. I have not had a roommate since, well forever, but we adjusted and learned to live together (as she had not had a roomie before either). When I go back to Honduras in January, I am very sure it will be an adjustment not having her around. We started to get somewhat of a routine and now we’ll both have to start it over again. Not to mention, she loved to cook and bake, so now I’ll have to get back to that again myself. It was fun doing life together…

As great as this year was, if I’m honest, it was also very exhausting and tiring. With so many good things happening, it also meant we were busy with a lot of different things. I’m already thinking about how I can plan better in 2020, not just in my ministry life, but my personal life as well. Just because I’m ‘busy’ does not necessarily mean that is a good thing. As I rest and enjoy my family time this Christmas, I’m seeking God more to see what 2020 truly looks like for me personally and how I can make changes in my life that will in turn effect my ministry life as well. Balance. Sometimes I’m really good with that, but in all honesty, sometimes I’m not.

So for now, the whole family is together and I plan on enjoying every moment together, resting my mind, body and soul and celebrating the gift we have of Christmas.  May you and yours be blessed this Christmas, no matter where in the world you are. Pause, and take time to truly enjoy this season.
Blessings to you.

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